What started as a picnic-style gathering eleven years ago has now grown into the most anticipated event North of the Border! One of the very few shows that actually encourage attendees to bring coolers and BBQ grills, Scrape By The Lake is a weekend getaway from the everyday grind for enthusiasts that don’t normally have a lot of events to look forward to. For the second straight year, the Prudhommes Inn in Niagara Falls, Ontario was filled to the brink with thousands of spectators and over 700 full-show vehicles. Hosted by Rollerz Only C.C., Scrape By The Lake has elevated the local scene and added the Niagara Region to the Lowrider map. An FMX motocross stunt team exhibition, a hydraulic contest, and the widely popular bikini contest are just a few of the nonstop events that take place yearly at the Scrape.

Competition heated up again this year, crowning Paul Neddow with a first place trophy for his orange ’63 Impala, which barely edged out Rick O’ Bomsawin’s blue ’64 Impala on jack-stands. Debuting at the event was one of the most anticipated car builds, in the form of Dave Gravelle’s ’96 Cadillac Fleetwood named “Starburst,” which cruised to a first place trophy and was also named “Best Paint of the Show.” Abel Giroux from Luxurious Car Club grabbed the top honors in the Lincoln class with his ’98 Town Car named “Bad Luck.” Making the trip from New Jersey, Abe Lopez and his ’85 Cutlass “Pure Elegance” took the overall accolades, by garnering a First Place honor in his class and a Best Of Show award. In the competitive Bomb class, a ’53 Bel Air, owned by Matt Hates, led the pack. With his ’77 Monte Carlo, Jarrad Fox enticed the crowd with a mean lean and grabbed a First Place award too. The top bicycle award went to the innovative “Chain Reaction” bicycle, owned by Eddie Perez of Loyalty C.C.

The Award of Distinction went to artist, muralist and pinstripe expert Rodrigo “Dreegz” Freitas, who has given so much to the Lowrider culture. Rodrigo was diagnosed with a genetic heart defect, and after two years of being bed-ridden, he received a heart from a donor and was able to attend his first show in five years! At 24-years old, this fortunate soul was given a second chance at life, and the Rollerz Only crew supported him every step of the way. The crowd-pleasing hop-off got under way with Raff’s ’63 Impala hitting for 60 inches in the double pump class, followed closely by an ’85 Caprice from All That C.C. that hit for 58 inches. In the single pump class; Geoff Rhyder took bragging rights after hitting 42 inches on the sticks with his ’87 Cutlass, just beating Jimmy Silva who reached 40 inches in his Monte Carlo. The radical hop left the crowd in amazement as Andy from Loyalty launched his ’86 Cutlass to 90 inches, slamming down hard onto the back bumper. Even show promoter Joe Sud got into the swing of things, hopping his ’84 Cadillac in the tough competition. The popular bikini contest capped off an amazing weekend, with Bex Woods from Toronto receiving the cash prize.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has helped out with Scrape,” Joe tells us. “I appreciate the hard-working staff, vendors, and most of all, the dedicated owners and builders who continue to support this show.” The success of Scrape By the Lake proves that the Lowrider Culture is alive and well, even in our neighboring country to the north. “Scrape By The Lake is one place where everyone can get together and admire the builders’ creativity while enjoying the non-stop action,” spectator Mark “Dub” Wlodarski says with a smile. As the passion and dedication of Lowriding grows, Scrape is one show that will remain on our calendar.