For the fourth year in a row, the Pacific Northwest came down with a serious case of Lowrider fever, thanks to the 4th annual Lowcos Lowrider Car Show. Held at the Grant County Fairgrounds, this insane event brought out hundreds of the scene’s best rides, giving the spectators on hand plenty to talk about. Clubs from all over the tri-state area showed up in full force, aiming to please the crowd and their peers with the craftsmanship of their custom rides.

Troy Staehler, founder of Rollerz Only C.C., was this year’s special guest and was awarded the Lowriding Commitment Award at the event. The hoppers were on hand to really wow the crowd too, and they more than achieved that goal. Another show favorite was Frank Sanchez, who took home Best of Show with his famous “Death Row” Chevy. Some of the clubs in attendance included Kanes Car Club, Showtime, Individuals, Majestics, Malditos, Rollerz Only, Uce, South-end Ryders, and Family Ties. The attendance and general atmosphere was almost intoxicating as the people of Moses Lake had a great time with the Lowcos!