The Mile High City, also known as the home of the legendary Coors plant, played host to the last hop of the year before this year’s finale in Las Vegas. This stop on the road to Vegas was an invitational event, which saw cars coming in from all over the U.S., sharing in the same hope of qualifying for the invitational main event in Las Vegas on 10/10/10.

The hydraulic action at this year’s Denver hop was as hot as the women in attendance were; in fact, it was even hotter than the action going on at PTs Showroom which we coincidentally visited the night before. Before we continue telling on ourselves, let’s get back to what happened in the hop pit! The competition had a taste of Vegas, as the Black Magic team came out to compete against Texas’ Hi-lo team. The CCE crew rolled in from Kentucky, while Arizona wasn’t far behind, as team Street Life Hydraulics came to show off as well, with all teams vying to see who the top dog in the yard would be.

With safety first, the Lowrider Hydraulic Competition rules have been thrown out the window, as this high-powered event has been revamped to entertain the crowd. The hydraulic competition has now become an invitation-only event, allowing us to bring out only the best hydraulic exhibitionists. This helps to keep competition high and boredom low, as those who earn an invite have to be the best and most safe hoppers out there, so that our crowd can really get into the action. It all comes down to a hop-off, with a measuring stick being used to record height. There are usually three guys per class, allowing for an elimination between the competitors which ultimately dictates bragging rights. The car dance hydraulic competition is setup to get our crowd more involved, as there is no actual judging system; the crowd decides who the better exhibitor is based on applause.

After watching the Denver show’s incredible display of hoppers, we can’t wait to see what the Vegas show has in store for us, as the grand finale is sure to be the most exciting in years. Here’s a rundown of what went on at this year’s Rocky Mountain hydraulic invitational, as the competitors really went all out for the crowd on hand. .