Currently celebrating their 25th year anniversary, Majestix Car Club also held their 8th annual Memorial Day Picnic this past May in Dallas, Texas. Car clubs, solo riders, and various auto shops came from near and far to support an event that is quickly taking on legendary status in the North Texas area. This fact is undeniable, given the many participants who came to Dallas from throughout Texas and as far as Kansas and Oklahoma. Estilo Car Club brought in their Midland, Texas chapter to show support with their clean rides. This unity and support from one car club event to another car club event has been gaining momentum within the last decade, and is quickly becoming a staple within the Lowrider movement. It is this camaraderie that has undoubtedly helped take Lowriding into the 21st century.

Awards are always a given at the Majestix picnics, and this year there were two clean sweeps. Majestix Car Club, utilizing three of their chapters, provided a line-up that was a true display of quality craftsmanship. Majestic member Tony, a.k.a. “Skim,” brought his 1964 drop top Impala, which is still a relatively new addition to the Dallas/Ft. Worth scene. Together, they were awarded with Best Car Club Line-up, complete with a 6 foot trophy sponsored by Street Kings motorcycle club, and Best Traditional Lowrider of the picnic, respectively. Bad Boy’s Hydraulics has been a part of the Majestix picnics since its inception. This year, they provided all of the hopping entertainment. Bad Boy’s swept both single and double pump class categories. All awards were voted on and given by Majestix Car Club members based on categories which included quality, craftsmanship, participation and innovation. It could have easily been a car show, due to the fact that so many rides that represented at the picnic had not yet been seen on the street.

Awards aren’t what drives this traditional Lowrider car club to keep their tradition alive; the real motivation is the spectators. Majestix members had a vision 8 years ago to give back to their gente as well as their families. By providing the community a day to celebrate Memorial Day, raza style, the club can see that their work is all worth it. Majestix would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support. See everyone next year!