Although the economy has improved over the past year, our schools continue to suffer as they lack the necessary funds to support their sports teams, update their computer labs and function day to day. Teachers and administrative staff are being laid off and those that aren’t are digging into their own pockets to provide the bare essentials needed to teach their classes. One of the most popular and effective fund raising events in recent times for schools has been to host a car show with a locally established car club. Covina California’s Charter Oak High School is a great example, as they recently teamed up with Antiques Car Club for the third straight year to host a car show on the school grounds in April 2010.

Car clubs from all over Southern California came out to support the event. Tradition, Reality, Traffic, Old Memories, Trucha, Azusa Canyon, Royal Image, and the Oxnard chapter of the Viejitos Car Club showed up with their best, as did plenty of solo riders. There was everything from big body Cadillacs to Chevy Bombs, as well as Lowrider Bikes and a few custom Harley Davidson motorcycles.

DJ Chente-Mr. OG played a great selection of music throughout the day, and kept everyone entertained with some rare and classic oldies. There were plenty of vendors at the show as well, selling a variety of products including music, videos, and clothing. James from Unique Diecast had an array of custom diecasts on hand, perfect for those looking for a one of a kind collectable.

The day concluded with the trophy presentation, and soon after everyone packed up and headed home. Every spectator in attendance had a great time, and even more importantly, they helped the school raise much needed funds. The show is one of the many examples of community service Lowrider car clubs are passionate about. Way to go Antiques!