Going out with a bang! That’s what happens to the show season in NorCal at the end of every year when LoLystics Car Club puts on their annual car show in late September. The LoLystics annual super show and concert not only marks the end of the show season in NorCal, it also serves as a great warm up show for the Lowrider Magazine Super Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the past couple of years, the LoLystics have thrown their super show at the Yolo County Fairgrounds in Woodland, CA. The show always attracts hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators, with the number of attendees rising every year. This year’s show had over 400 entries, and well over 3,500 spectators attending.

Since this show has a reputation of being one of NorCal’s premier shows, plenty of cars began showing up to the fairgrounds on Friday, and by Saturday, all the of the available building spaces were completely full. Once the gates for the show opened on that day on Sunday, the crowd of spectators on hand were treated to some of NorCal’s top rides. Impalas Car Club, who showed up strong with over 50 entries, have made it their annual tradition to take over a whole building with their cars on full display. One of those cars showing in full display was Victor Charles’ 1962 drop top named “Fortune Teller” from the Stockton Chapter of Impalas Car Club. Victor, who showed up to the show displaying some fresh patterns and newly engraved undercarriage, was clearly a crowd favorite. Another member of the Stockton Chapter of Impalas that was also a crowd pleaser was Ralph Garcia’s “Simple Six.” Trino Alfaro of Tracy, CA showed up with his newly formed Nor Cal Chapter of Traffic Car Club and presented a new interior on his “Cherry 64.” Other clubs that represented in full force included the likes of UCE, Socios, Family First, Blvd Kings, Luxurions, Goodfellas, Blvd Image, Untouchables, Aztecas, Skanless, and many other clubs and solo riders.

At the concert, a lot of local artists displayed their skills on the mic, but it wasn’t until Mack 10 came on stage that the party really started jumping. The crowd later went “dumb” when NorCal vet E40 took over the stage.

I would like to thank LoLystics, Capital City Records, and their friends and family for all their hard work in making a great show happen every year. I hope to be out there again next year!