On August 22, 2009, a milestone was met that Ben Sellers thought wouldn’t be possible. Sweet Dreams Car Club of Pueblo, Colorado celebrated their 20th anniversary. Ben Sellers has been the Club President for the entire 20 years of the club’s existence, and he co-founded the club alongside lifelong members Judy Garcia and Jackie Jimenez. It’s safe to say that none of these three individuals knew what the future held for the club during its inception, but with their hard work, dedication, and passion, this 20-year mark would have been inevitable. Just like any car club, they’ve had their ups and downs, but they’ve always overcome any obstacles that threatened their longevity.

The celebration day began with a barbeque at Ben’s house. After filling their bellies with some great food, everyone then headed to the Dav Hall for some dancing and relaxation, with music provided by Primavera. Awards were also presented that evening to various members who have been in the club for five or ten years. Special recognition was also given to Judy and Jackie for being OG members of the club. President and Founder, Ben Sellers, was recognized as well, as he received an award from the Sweet Dreams Denver Chapter for his dedication and support. Lee Trevino of El Vago Productions also commended Ben for his loyalty to the Lowrider movement in Colorado. The greatest moment of the day came in the form of a touching tribute from Ben’s mother, who has supported her son from the car club’s beginning, and she still supports him to this day. Her speech showed everyone in attendance just how proud she is of the accomplishments that Ben has achieved with the club.

“There are still challenges ahead for Sweet Dreams,” Ben says. “We recently added chapters to our family. We now have chapters in Denver, Colorado, Dallas, Texas, Holbrook, Arizona, El Paso, Texas, Bellevue, Idaho, and Bloomington, Illinois. I am pleased and grateful for the expansion of the club, and I will be committed 100% to their success.”

Sweet Dreams was also recognized at the Denver Lowrider Supershow 2009 tour stop and the Pueblo Lowrider Supershow 2009 tour stop for having the most members in attendance. This is a challenge the club tries to achieve every year, and this year they were able to conquer both shows. “Sweet Dreams will be around for as long as Ben is around,” he says proudly, adding “I enjoy Lowriding, but nothing more could be better than meeting new people at different car shows and also building those relationships with other car clubs.”

Sweet Dreams would like to thank the following for their support at their special event: East Side Lowride, Rollerz Only of Southern Colorado, Nothing Else Matters, Solitos, and all the independent riders. They also wish to send a very special thanks to Robert (Beto) Espinosa and Lee Trevino for coming to help support and celebrate Sweet Dreams’ milestone in Lowriding. There will be many more to come.