Thanks to the enormous success of last year’s invitational hopping contest, this year’s shows had minor changes added to the rules or categories, most notably in the form of a new show hopper class. The weather for this year’s show was not the best, but that didn’t stop the competition from heating up. With the rain coming down the hardest during the hop, it looked like a scene from the movies, as a curtain of water impaired the vision of the hardcore Lowrider fans who showed their support despite the weather in Arizona.Franks G-Body Regal Hopping In The Show Car Class

The Lowrider hydraulic competitions have thrown all of the rules out the window, as the hydraulic competition has been revamped to focus on entertaining the crowd. The key rules all revolve around safety, as the hydraulic part has now become an invitational, allowing us to bring you only the best hydraulic exhibitionists in the sport. So the main goal is to bring the spectators the best and safest show possible. For this part of the exhibition, the hop off becomes a measuring stick, literally. All the best hoppers have to prove is to out hop one another and record their leaps via a ruler, or measuring stick which measures the heights that they achieve. There are usually three guys per class, which allows for an exciting elimination between them, giving the winner ultimate bragging rights. The car dance hydraulic competition is also setup to get our crowd more involved, as it is more of a friendly exhibition with the crowd serving as judge and jury to pick the winner.Armando's radical hopper did well, but fell short of a win