I In business for over 80 years, Greenspans is considered to be the last great clothing store. They provide hard to find clothing styles for the movie industry, as well as to customers in need all around the world. They are an integral part of the Lowriding culture, so it was no surprise that the City of South Gate, CA. and the South Gate Chamber of Commerce would approach the store to help them produce a car show this past March.

Greenspans was only allotted a certain amount of space at South Gate Park, so they decided to make it an invitational event. The show was set up as a pre-1970 car show, with invites going out to clubs like Bomb Club, Sons of Soul, Classified, HB Gabachos, and custom car icons, the Tovar brothers.

The day of the show was a typical Southern California day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the vibe at the show was great. The quality of show vehicles matched the pristine weather conditions; as the best of the best came out to attend the event. In fact, it’s safe to say that some of Southern California’s heavy hitters were at the park. Since the show was pre-1970 only, there was no shortage of classic Bombs and vintage motorcycles.

Live music, as well as music provided by some of the vendors on site, kept the crowd entertained, as they checked out the show and visited the vendor booths. OG Abel, Tribal Gear, Mestizo Wear and DePalma were all at the show, offering their latest products to all who passed by.

Since Greenspans was the force behind this event, it created an atmosphere unlike most shows; in the sense that the attendees drew as much attention as the cars did. Yes, the fashion was on display as much as the candy paint was, and many of the attendees were even dressed in classic-style clothing. Naturally, there were plenty of Pendeltons at the show, since Greenspans is the place to buy them. There were pin-up style models to be seen, and even Robert, the Pachuco, posing for photos throughout the show space.

The event was a success for both Greenspans and the City of South Gate. If there is an event next year, there is talk that the show entries will be increased. Hopefully, this will be the case, as it looks like this show has the potential to be an annual “must attend” event on the calendar