An Art Walk is a festival that is held regularly in urban arts districts, in which artists and art galleries produce displays for their patrons to view featured artists’ work. Besides being given the chance to admire the work they see, these Art Walks also act as a venue for patrons to actually purchase these various types of artwork as well. The city of Pomona, California produces an Art Walk monthly in its Art Colony, located in downtown Pomona. The Smoking Mirrors Gallery presented famed airbrush artist Fonzy, and his artwork during the February 2010 Art Walk.

Fonzy’s talent and proficiency with the airbrush is well known throughout the Lowrider community. While you can find his work on some of the today’s top Lowrider show cars, Fonzy is also no stranger to the canvas, as he demonstrated by creating some special pieces for the show on traditional artist’s canvas, as well as on brushed aluminum. Throughout the night, people streamed in and out of the gallery to view Fonzy’s work, and to listen to the band and deejay that were playing music during this enjoyable event.

Fonzy had his signature Cadillac in front of the gallery, and it was accompanied by a couple of other custom cars, which seemed to attract just as much attention as the art hanging on the walls! One of the coolest things about an Art Walk is that it attracts people who appreciate art from all walks of life. Admittedly, it was nice to see people that were not familiar with Fonzy, or the Lowrider culture, gain a new respect for his art and the Lowrider Movement at this event.

Most major cities have Art Walks, so next time you are looking for something to do with your family, try attending an Art Walk in your city, or in a city nearby. They are a great way to spend time with your family, and to experience different types of arts and culture.