The legendary Johnie’s Broiler in Downey, California was once a popular hangout for those who were part of Southern California’s custom car scene. In fact, during its heyday, Johnie’s became one of the most heavily trafficked meeting spots for the Lowrider elite, and played host to many an exciting cruise night as well. Sadly, Johnie’s went out of business in 2001, and this piece of Lowrider history was partially demolished in 2007. Thankfully, a group of preservationists were able to stop the restaurant’s demolition and save the Southern California landmark. In 2009, the Bob’s Big Boy chain resurrected the old Johnie’s location, and it is now fully operational. Not only is the restaurant in operation, but the storied tradition of its cruise nights and car shows have returned.

In early February 2010, Duke’s Car Club held a car show in celebration of Fernando Ruelas’ 60th birthday celebration. Rain had fallen just days before the show but thankfully, the skies were clear and the sun was shining on the day of the event.

Several chapters of the Duke’s car club showed up to join in the celebration. Other clubs in attendance included Techniques, Cadillac Kings, Goodfellas, Viejitos, and Old Memories. Raffles, music, and of course great food, added to everybody’s enjoyment of this show, as the Dukes played host the best way they knew how. As the sun began to set, everyone made their way home after enjoying a great day with the Duke’s. We here at Lowrider extend our own Happy Birthday wishes to Fernando, and congrats to the Duke’s for putting on a wonderful event.