In 1979, a group of friends from different neighborhoods in Santa Ana, California came together to form Santana Car Club. Under the guidance of Issa Carrillo, the club soon made a name for themselves by attending shows in Los Angeles, and Orange County, California, including the legendary shows produced by RG Canning and the Lowrider Happenings at the Great Western Exhibit Halls. The club has remained a one chaptered club for the past 30 years, and the chapter also includes a bike club that molds the future for the next generation of Santana Car Club members. The club has been featured in Lowrider Magazine, and the Lowrider bicycle side of the club was also featured in Lowrider Magazine’s “Family Traditions” special edition.

On a brisk Saturday night in January, 2010 the club held its 30th anniversary party at a nightclub in the city of Anaheim, California. Santana set up some club cars in front of the club, including Ricky’s “Aztec Pride” Blazer, a car which has not seen the streets since 1991. The top floor of the club was reserved for the occasion, and with good reason, as it filled up quickly with anxious party goers. Santana partied the night away with fellow Lowrider car clubs like Imperials, Good Times, Viejitos Orange County, Stylistics, Artistics, and Klique Orange County. Everyone in attendances partied the night away ’til closing time.

30 years later, this amazingly dedicated club still operates under their motto; “built with pride, ride with honor.” Congratulat-ions to Santana Car Club for their 30 years in Lowriding!