A last minute venue change did not deter an estimated 2,500 cars and 7 to 10,000 people from attending the annual Majestics Car Club New Year’s Day Picnic at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area in Irwindale, California. Since this is a highly anticipated yearly event, most attendees arrive early to seek out the best spots. This year was no different, as cars were lined up well before the 7am park opening, and they kept coming throughout the day. People from Texas, Arizona, Northern California and Southern California all made the trek to this legendary picnic. A large number of Majestics chapters were present, as were other car clubs like Connected, Groupe, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Techniques, Delegation, and Together.

Since this was a picnic, everyone brought their own basket of food and provided their own entertainment. A variety of music could be heard throughout the park, as spectators played everything from Hip Hop to Oldies. The smell of carne asada, hamburgers, and hot dogs filled the air, as some people even shared and traded food! One particular attendee even hired a Banda band to play at the picnic.

One of the highlights of the picnic each year is the hopping contest. This year, the venue did not allow hopping, so the Majestics decided to have the contest on the Sunday following the picnic. Although there was not an “official” hopping contest at Santa Fe Dam, it did not stop some patrons from starting their own impromptu hopping contests in the various parking areas and access roads throughout the park.

As in previous years, the day went on without any problems and the car clubs, solo riders, and families in attendance all enjoyed their time at the park. We will be there again in 2011, and we suggest that you make plans to attend as well! Congrats to the Majestics car club on another successful event to start the new year!