Among the many notable Miami landmarks stands Virginia Key, located on a secluded section of Biscayne Bay. The park was given its historic status in the ’40’s and today is one of the most beautiful beaches in Miami. When South Florida powerhouses UCE and 25th Street Riders decided to put together their 1st Annual New Year’s Picnic to honor the Lowrider lifestyle, they wanted a location that was suitable for their needs and filled with history. They chose the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park mostly because it allowed everyone attending to view the breathtaking Miami skyline.

“Having a New Years picnic is a way for people to start the new year with family and their Lowriders,” President of 25th Street Riders Luis Valerio tells us. “It’s what means the most to all of us.” Over 60 custom vehicles were on display during one of Florida’s coldest days. As a place for adults to gather and a playground for kids to play in, Virginia Key Beach Park served as the perfect host to usher in 2010.

With sponsors like Diesel Wheels, Bowtie South, Reds Miami, and 305 Films, the picnic exceeded all expectations. The car and truck hop was a crowd favorite with Classic Angels CC launching their Buick Regal to an impressive 80-inch mark before an adoring crowd. “It was a huge success, and we expect next year to be even better,” UCE president Alvaro Torres says. “It was the perfect way to break in the new year.” For more picnic information or scheduling, contact Alvaro at