When you think of the Central Valley, you think of “the bread basket of the world.” A lush place filled with grapes, raisins, and farming, the Central Valley seems to be the last place you’d expect to find car culture. Lowriding is alive and well here however, thanks to the hard work of EastSide Car Club. Formed In 1994, the club was named at a bar-b-que, after a group of guys with like minds decided to unite to share their affinity for the culture they loved. After reaching an agreement on how the club would be governed, the original EastSide founding members included Louie Olvera, Angel Olvera, David Segura and David Camero. The club is currently under the direction of Louie Olvera, who has been the President of the club for the entire 15 years of its existence, and has no plans on retiring anytime soon. After all, it’s pretty hard to retire when your club motto is: “building cars is not a hobby, it’s a way of life. It’s the EASTSIDE way.”

This past September, EastSide Car Club threw their 15-year anniversary dance at the VFW hall in Fresno Ca. The dance was a success, as Reggie and the Mighty Statons played all the songs of yesteryear, blending the best songs from Oldies, Disco, Hip Hop, Salsa and Cumbias. In between breaks, DJ Taz lit up the room with Old School beats that ignited the crowd into a frenzy. More than 250 people attended the event, including family, friends and past members. The evening was captured by Twotonz’ photography, and he clicked the night away, capturing many priceless images. Car Clubs showed up from the valley, as well as Los Angeles, including Brown Persuasion, Carnales Unidos, Dukes, Fresno Life, Mi Jente, Reality (LA), Luxury Life and Legacy Car Club.

EastSide Car Club would like to thank everybody who attended the dance and showed support throughout the years. The Club would also like to thank their wives, family, and friends for their constant support and patience. For those who did not attend this year’s event, you missed out on a good time. Friends may come and go, but EastSide Friends are for life.