The Dallas ULA, or “United Lowrider Association” was formed in 2001, by some of the top Lowrider Clubs from the Dallas area. They decided to build the organization to unite different car clubs around the area, in the hope of creating different types of activities and working to build a better and stronger Lowrider community. “Working together has always been the main goal; to gather the Lowrider clubs without any attitudes and [be able] to help out when someone is in need of help,” said Joe Ruiz, President of Phaylanx Car Club. The ULA does two yearly shows, one in March and the other in October. The October show is a highly anticipated event, nicknamed “Hoptoberfest.”

This year’s Hoptoberfest was a little bit smaller then the past years’ shows, due to inclement weather. Even with the clouds and the scattered showers, a hearty group of core enthusiasts showed up with their families, Low Low’s, and BBQ grills, to help celebrate the unity one last time before the show season came to a close. Around 10 a.m., the parking lot began to fill up, and soon tents were erected to help protect the spectators from the elements. Despite the rain, BBQ pits were fired up, to make sure that those who came would not go hungry. Many car clubs attended the event to show their support, including: Torres Empire, Estilo, Low 4 Life, Low Low’s, West Side, Bad Boy Hydraulics, Phaylanx, Jokerz, and Oakcliff’s Finest, just to name a few. At noon, the three deejays of the show began pumping the music from 3 different areas, and they made sure that there was a little something for everyone to listen to. Though the rain sporadically fell throughout the day, there was a nice dry spell around 1p.m., which allowed the highly anticipated hop contest to begin. The hop and dance pit became surrounded by a large crowd, while different cars drove into the pit to show off their stuff. The competitors hit the switches on their Lowriders, some danced, and some hopped, but in the end, it was a showcase that everybody enjoyed. After the hop and dance show, spectators headed back to their favorite areas for food and drinks. Before the event was over, the crowd gathered one more time, to see who had won the $3000 paint job raffled off by Joe Ruiz, in the goal of raising money for fellow Lowrider, Luis Morales, from LM Customs.

The Hoptoberfest was a huge success, even with the poor weather conditions, proving that true Lowrider enthusiasts will always be there, come rain or shine. The ULA would like to thank everybody for coming out and supporting this event. If you missed out on this year’s Hoptoberfest, make sure you make it to the next one!