Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California is approximately 1, 975 acres of park land surrounded by the lake that was created by the Puddingstone Dam. The park is very popular with residents of the surrounding areas for boating, fishing and camping. The park is also very popular with many of the car clubs in the Southern California area too.

Southern California’s Bomb Club chose the first Saturday of October 2009 to host their 1st Annual Car Show and BBQ at Bonelli Park. The park area reserved for the show and BBQ filled up quickly with Bomb Club supporters, Bomb enthusiasts, and the car clubs that came out to support the show. The clubs in attendance included Bomb Heaven, Together, GoodFellas, Lifestyle, Reality, Antique Style, Classified and Groupe. Also coming out to support the event was renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon who chose this show to bust out with his newest addition to the Lifestyle car club, “Dr. GreenThumb.”

There were plenty of areas for the clubs and individuals in attendance to set up for the day. Music filled the air, thanks to the Bomb Club who had a band and a DJ playing throughout the day. There was plenty of food and drinks for everyone, and the hungry spectators kept the barbecue grills busy all day.

Although the event was a car show, Bomb Club did not award trophies. Instead, they presented appreciation plaques to the clubs in attendance for their support of the club and the show. The plaques were a great idea, and the other clubs were very appreciative of the gesture.

As the sun set, the glorious day came to a close, as everyone packed up and headed home for the day. The show and BBQ went off without a hitch, and some of the culture’s finest Bombs were represented for all to see. Congratulations to the Bomb Club for a very successful show. We look forward to next year’s event!