The United States saw its fair share of historic events in 1973, including the completion of Chicago’s Sears Tower, the Supreme Court’s controversial overturning of Roe vs. Wade, and the end of the Vietnam War. In the Lowrider movement, the year 1973 is also significant, as it was in this year that one of the culture’s most elite car clubs, Majestics Car Club, was formed. Majestics Car Club was created in California, and has since created chapters in other parts of the U.S., spreading the club’s reach and influence to places as far away as Miami, Florida. This Florida chapter was honored with an inaugural welcoming event this past year in the hot and humid CB Smith Park, located in South Florida. The size of this large, popular park was actually too small for the thousands of people who came out to show their support for this event. With heavy rain looming all day, the event plowed ahead as scheduled, with the determined club eager to welcome this new Miami chapter into the Majestics family. The supporting chapters included the Majestics’ North Carolina chapter, as well as the Central Florida and Daytona Beach chapters. Club spokesman Danny Rodriguez told us the “the support was overwhelming,” adding that he was “proud to be a part of this amazing event.”

In true Lowrider fashion, five awards were handed out to riders from various clubs, who had worked long and hard on their cars, and hadn’t received proper credit for it. Best Engine was given to Seth from Individuals C.C., for the work he had put in on his immaculate ’61 Ragtop Impala. Best Paint was handed out to Bubba from Low Lyfe C.C., for his custom orange Lincoln Town Car. Best Interior went to Blast in his Honda Civic, while the Best Hopper trophy was awarded to “Black Widow” from Firme Estilo C.C. in Central Florida. The biggest award of the day was the Best of Show trophy, which went to Claudio in his teal-colored, big body Cadillac.

Low Lyfe brought out “Freaky’s Hearse,” a ’92 Cadillac Fleetwood, built by Daniel and Sons in Homestead, Florida. Large brought out his ’64 Impala LRM cover car “Certified Gangster,” which wowed the event’s attendees. Kriket made the trip from Virginia, bringing with him his two Cadillac big bodies, “‘Lac of Respect,” and his convertible, “Done Deal.” The atmosphere was competitive until the skies opened up and rain began to fall. The rain didn’t deter the hop contestants, who began the hop competition despite the inclement weather. Freddy from Bowtie South began the hop in his cherry red Monte Carlo, hitting for a respectable 51 inches on the sticks. Freddy was followed by “Black Widow,” which launched to a staggering 71 inches, claiming the victory. “Blood Bath,” from Classic Angels C.C. came in second place at 68 inches.

After the dust settled, Majestics Car Club’s CB Smith Park Picnic proved to be the best Lowrider picnic in the South. This event proved that even in the worst tropical weather conditions, the true and proud will still come out to represent like no other. Majestics member Jayson Villarejo summed up the Florida picnic the best when he asked us, “Where else can you see a car that was on the cover of Lowrider Magazine driving through the rain?” As the Majestics’ first annual picnic came to a close, we can only pray that the weather will be more cooperative for next year’s South Florida event.