Car Show
Atlanta Georgia
The Farmers’ Almanac is an annual periodical published in North America, known primarily for its accurate long range weather predictions and astronomical data. People reference the data in the almanac to plan outdoor events such as wedding festivals, picnics, and even car shows! Perry Bunker of Obsession Car Club used the Farmers’ Almanac to set the date for the 2009 Obsession Fest at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Georgia. Weather in the Southeastern part of the United States can vary from day to day, so Perry was counting on the Almanac to find a date with no undesirable weather. In the days before the show, the Atlanta, Georgia area suffered severe weather, as rainstorms pounded the southern hamlet. Torrential downpours were bad enough to even cause flooding throughout the area, and things were not looking good for the show. After the rains stopped, there was the task of getting the city back in order. Thankfully, Commerce Georgia suffered minimal damage and the Atlanta Dragway was not affected. Since people from all over the South were interested in coming to Obsession Fest, the Internet forums were buzzing with updates on the weather conditions and status of the show. The show was a go, so the masses began making their way to Georgia from neighboring states like Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and other Southern states like Louisiana, Tennessee and Virginia.

On Saturday, the day before the show, the rain reappeared. Perry’s worst fears appeared to be coming true as the rain stuck around all day, but as the sun began to set, the clouds parted and all the rain stopped. The host hotel filled up with out-of-town show participants, who felt the optimistic mood in unison, thanks to the rain letting up. Obsession Car Club had music playing, and staffed a taco man to properly welcome the hotel guests. The attendees hung out while introducing themselves to one another, turning the evening into a festive party. After a few hours, it was time to call it a night and get a good night’s sleep since Obsession Fest was set to begin in the morning.

Perry breathed a sigh of relief on Sunday morning, as there was nothing but blue skies in sight! The Farmers’ Almanac had finally come through for Perry and Obsession Car Club, and just in time for the show. The Atlanta Dragway filled up quickly as the show started promptly at noon. Some of the clubs in attendance included LivingItUp, Down South Rollers, Street Dreamz, Rollerz Only, Bounded, Good Times, Majestics, Travesios, Old School and Lowyalty Car Club. Johnny Salter also brought out the rolling chassis to his newest build, a 1958 Chevy Impala.

Show participants and spectators were provided with food and drinks by Obsession Car Club. The day’s entertainment featured music by DJ Dream, and the audience was treated to a special performance by Houston rapper Chingo Bling. The show also boasted a talent showcase, as well as a bikini contest for cash. Towards the end of the day, there was a moment of silence and a presentation to the parents of Kelly Phillips. Kelly passed away shortly after last year’s Obsession Fest from a battle with a medical condition. He was very active in the Lowrider scene in the Carolinas/Atlanta area, and the crowd paid their respects to this fallen rider accordingly.

The day concluded with the highly anticipated hopping contest. Each contestant tried their best to hit the most inches, as the crowd reached a frenzy-filled roar. Although there was some breakage, the crowd was still satisfied, as they left the event content with the day they spent at the show.

The show was a great time from start to finish, thanks to the hard work of Obsession Car Club. They really took the necessary steps to ensure that everything ran smoothly, and that all the attendees were taken care of properly. This was the first time my wife Stephanie and I attended the show, and it certainly won’t be the last. Perry Bunker and the Obsession Car Club were gracious hosts and treated us with plenty of “Southern Hospitality.” Thank you very much for the invite and the chance to see Lowriding on the East Coast, we definitely plan on attending the show in 2010. This show is on my list of “must attend” shows, and I highly recommend you add it your “must attend” list too.