Hosting an inaugural picnic can be a difficult task for a car club. It really sets the tone for the identity of the club, while also establishing a yearly tradition that showcases the club’s unity, progress, and respect for the Lowrider Culture. This pressure didn’t faze Hampton, Virginia’s own Street Dreamz Car Club, as they put together a wonderful event for their first picnic. The setting was Rosaryville Park in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Promoter and Maryland chapter president Dana Powell tells me, “I was up until 4am the night before, making sure the show was perfect.” He adds, “I couldn’t let this fail at any cost.” Cost was certainly on his mind, and Dana certainly paid the price for the perfect club picnic himself; he funded the entire day on his own.

Among the barn settings and horse shows that shared the park that day, hundreds of Lowriders arrived in groups with their families and friends behind the wheel. There were several car clubs in attendance, including Majestics members from North Carolina, Individuals from the Virginia, New York and New Jersey chapters, Good Times, Urban Legend, Lowyalty, Drastic, and Just Klownin, as well as a few other clubs wishing to show their support. Most clubs brought tents and grills, which turned the perfect sunny day into a family gathering and picnic for all the enthusiasts to enjoy.

Always a place to flex a little muscle, the first annual hop-off gave those in attendance a chance to show off the power behind their set-ups. Scott from Good Times led the pack in his Chevy Malibu, reaching an impressive 44 inches. A three-way tie for second fueled the competition, as Rolando from Indivduals, Dana from Street Dreamz, and local newcomer Mark brought their rides to a respectable 42 inches. After the sticks were taken away, the cars kept to the air for bragging rights, dazzling the crowd with an amazing display of East Coast switch-hitting. The top show honors were handed to Steve from Individuals for Best Paint on his incredible Cadillac. The award for Best Setup was given to Carlos from Majestics, and his hard-lined Lincoln Town Car. The Best Engine trophy was awarded to Pat from Individuals, who has an inspiring ’84 Caprice. The long awaited Best of Show trophy was presented to Manny from Individuals, for his pristine, black ’63 Impala.

Thanks to hard-work and genuine enthusiasm, this first Annual picnic was a huge success for Street Dreamz. Dana proudly mentions, “I already have people trying to find out about the second annual picnic!” As Maryland’s only free car picnic, it was a Lowrider haven, and a place where attitudes and egos were left at home, and good times and respect were plentiful. For any information or questions about Street Dreamz’ next event, you can contact Dana Powell by visiting