2009 Event Coverage

Best of Friends and Kings of Kings returned to the city of Bell, California this past May, to hold their second annual Bell Car Show. Gage Avenue was shut down between Atlantic and California Ave. for this amazing show, and the available space filled up quickly with car show entrants and vendors, who offered everything from toy cars to delicious food. The first show was such a success for the clubs and the city, that the show areas were doubled in size for this year’s event, to allow enough room for the expected entries. The increased show area was at capacity with over 600 enthusiasts, comprised of solo riders and club members from Westside, Strictly Family, Traffic, Dukes, Viejitos, Delegation, Homies, Reality, and Uniques. There were show entrants and spectators from all over California, since this show had something special for every type of car enthusiast. Everything from Bombs to Lowrider Bikes, were displayed, as were fully restored original rides. The weather was typical for a Sunday in May here in Southern California, so a hat and sunscreen were needed, along with a good pair of shoes for the long walk down Gage Avenue. The successful partnership between the clubs and the city for a second year, ensures that there will another great show in 2010. If you missed it this year, plan on attending next year, and make sure you bring your camera and a good pair of shoes for all the walking you’ll be doing while witnessing this breathtaking event.