2002 marked the beginning of an era for Firme Image Car Club, as it spawned the first of their yearly car shows, held at Granger Park in West Valley, Utah. This yearly show brings in fans from all over the state, and is always a highly anticipated event. With an increasing amount of press coverage coming from this amazing show, Utah riders put their all into their prized machines with the common goal of keeping Utah on the map in the Lowrider world. A constant buzz surrounds this show, and this year was no different, as many car show enthusiasts drove in from as far away as Los Angeles and Las Vegas to attend the event.

After receiving our special invitation by Victor, the owner of Victor’s Tires, we landed in Salt Lake City on Saturday, after an unusually smooth flight. We were promptly picked up by Pepe in his Escalade, and headed straight to the park to meet up with one of the original organizers of the event. Mel, a key organizer from day one, and the current president of Firme Image Car Club, greeted us with a handshake and gave us the itinerary for the event. After meeting with Mel, we headed to the other side of SLC, Utah and met up with a few other friends that showed us around town in their custom Lowriders. Our crew was tired from the long day, and decided to hit the hotel early, since we had to get up early to cover the show on Sunday.

The next morning was show day, and the anticipation for the event could be felt in the warm, thin, Utah air. We packed up our cameras and headed to Granger Park, and were instantly greeted by a long line of spectators and well over 150 cars, laid out in a glorious display of chrome and candy. As we walked the show, all the cars on display did their best to shine in the few rays of sunlight that the ominously dark skies allowed to streak into the show. With a 60% chance of rain, the show was still packed with 4000 spectators and show exhibitors, as the final attendance tally showed that Utah certainly has the right to represent the Lowrider culture. The ladies represented too, wearing as little as possible despite the weather, to show off the fact that SLC chicas know how to show it off for the crowd. Different car clubs also held it down for SLC by showing off their rides included were Firme Image, Como Te Gusta, Suavecito, Classic Lowriders, SLC Ryders, Luxurious, Ultimate Riders, Hu$tleler$, and Sick With It. These clubs showed their support by lining up early to secure the best possible parking spots to display their amazing rides. Around 2pm, the DJ announced the beginning of the Hop Competition where many eager contenders took center stage and hopped their cars, anxious to see who would be crowned king of the competition. In the end, the guys form Luxurious Car Club took home the bragging rights. After the hop competition, spectators visited the many booths that were supporting the show, especially the booth of the main sponsor, Victor’s Tires, where gorgeous model Maricela was signing autographs. Barrio Entertainment kept the crowd moving, while local favorite restaurant El Chile Verde kept the spectators well-fed and satisfied. The weather held out well, and the heavy rains waited to fall after the show, which was definitely a blessing for all the organizers of this amazing event. At the end of the night, we hooked up with Mel and some of the other show organizers for a farewell dinner, and headed back home to Los Angeles. If you missed this year’s SLC show, make sure you add it to your calendar for next year, as Victor’s Tires will be rolling it even bigger and better for 2010.