Car show at the neighborhood bar

The city of El Paso, Texas is not like most American cities, in fact, its predominantly Hispanic population (82 percent) gives it a unique identity compared with that of other southern towns. Given the fact that Hispanics are not the minority in El Paso, its mainstream culture is comprised of traditional Hispanic traditions, and more commonly found in secluded areas of less diverse cities within the United States. The one culture that does seem to be universal in El Paso is the car culture. Anything from Hot Rods to Lowriders can be found here, and natives of this Texas city take pride in what they drive. Faustino Flores and his wife Nancy are no exception, as they are the proud owners of the world renowned 1958 Chevrolet Impala “3K Diamond,” a three-time Lowrider Magazine Traditional World Champion.

Recently, the Flores family established “Swigs”, a family owned and operated bar in El Paso Texas that prides itself of being “your neighborhood bar.” After opening the business, the family decided that they wanted to do something special for their grand opening. Faustino had the idea of putting on a small car show, and after running the idea by his business neighbors, he received positive feedback. Not only did he get a green light from the community, several businesses also wanted to participate in the one-day event. After acquiring the necessary permits and dedicating a solid month to planning, the new bar Swigs was finally locked in to playing host to a community car show that would ultimately be held in its own parking lot.Faustino's '58 was on display for the community.

Support for this event poured in beyond expectations, as cars came from as far away as New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada and San Fernando, California, to attend the event. El Paso’s strong automotive presence was on full display, as there were over 200 trucks, SUV’s, luxury vehicles, Hot Rods and Lowriders parked at the show. The event also showcased some rare Texas classics that have not been seen in the Lowrider show circuit for many years. Taste of Latin, Modern Times, NewBreed, Prestige, UCE, Klique, Estilo, Nobleza, Extazy, Pachucos, and Old Memories were a few of the car clubs that attended this amazing show. Even with rain falling during the morning hours, the event still managed to bring out notable vendors and a full house of almost three thousand spectators and locals, who thoroughly enjoyed the parking lot show.

The Flores family’s initial vision for a humble show of around 100 vehicles turned into a Texas automotive extravaganza, and more than doubled the car showcase they were expecting. Given the huge success of this event, the family has already decided to throw another show next year, and plans are already underway to ensure that next year’s show will be even bigger and better than the one this year.El Paso's

Kentucky Individuals Picnic
By Erik Howard
Photography by Erik Howard

This summer riders from Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York, St Louis, Texas, Indiana, and several other cities descended on Louisville, KY, to meet up the night before the Kentucky Individuals’ Picnic and Hop. The Individuals Car Club invited the enthusiasts to share a meal before joining them for an evening of cruising. The weather was perfect and the timing couldn’t have been any better to rev up the participants for the events that would take place the following day. After the meal at a favorite local restaurant, the host chapter guided their guests on a cruise through Louisville in a motorcade that the locals won’t soon forget.

About a year after the idea was first conceived, the first annual Kentucky Individuals’ Picnic and Hop took place. Realizing the importance of keeping strong events going annually in the Mid Atlantic and Southern Regions, the Individuals decided to become a part of the network of picnics and shows in the area. The event filled a weekend early in the summer with a day full of fun and action, with an event that was also supported by a second day of good weather.

Out-of-towners mingled with local riders, as well as each other, to add a feeling of coast-to-coast cooperation and unity amongst the competitors and the enthusiasts. Big Fish and Roll’n were both on site, shooting footage for their respective videos, which feature excellent coverage of the entire weekend’s events. Azteca CC from Chicago, Uce Lima, Down IV Life out of Kansas City, and various Individuals members from all parts of the map, converged on the Bluegrass State, and further strengthened the bond between riders in the region. During the hop, Southside Cruisers and Rob from RNL showed their stuff in a battle that put both competing rides on their bumpers and got the crowd going wild! Switchman from Individuals was in town, and he graced Jason J’s ’64 Impala with a couple quick flips of the switch, in a tough battle against Matt’s ’68 Impala from Westside Lowriders.

The event was a huge success, and left everyone in attendance looking forward to next year’s picnic. Congratulations and much respect to the Individuals for putting on a great event for their region, their culture, and everyone in attendance at this amazing picnic and car show.