ArrayThere is something about Miami Beach that keeps celebrities and hot rides flocking to its streets on a daily and nightly basis. Perhaps it’s the weather, the beach atmosphere, or the diverse cultures that reside in South Florida that spawn the constant droves of people. No one can say exactly what factor motivates people to hit up the peninsula’s steamy paradise but with a recession in full swing, South Florida car clubs united together and decided to organize a free hangout and cruise. Enticed by the lack of an entrance fee, as well as the free food, hundreds of Lowrider enthusiasts gathered at Watson Island in Miami Beach, Florida, for a day of fun in the sun with their families and friends. Just like that, Miami Swangin’ was born.

ArrayMiami Swangin’ was hosted primarily by Paul Nunoz and Miguel “Chulow” Resendiz of Low Lyfe CC with help from 25th Street Riders Car Club, Elegance Car Club, Straight Pimpin’ Car Club and Majestics Car Club. The entire day was filled with nonstop action as the car clubs arrived in style, rolling in single file in large groups, and filling up the Island with custom vehicles. As a true show of unity, car clubs banded together and enjoyed the sun and music.

Array”I just want to keep South Florida on the map,” Chulow told me. “We need more events like this, so people can have fun without stressing about trophies.” With the wide array of car cultures in attendance, Miami Swangin’ was a huge success. If you can brave the near triple-digit heat and the candy coated cars, then the Miami Swangin’ hangout and cruise is something you don’t want to miss.