The Street Mentality car club from Atlanta, has been on the streets, and representing the Lowrider scene for 5 years strong. The founders of their club are Chris Brown the Prez and his wife Chan who is the Vice. Street Mentality is a small but large in the heart positive club, that is focused on family and giving back to the community when possible.

In the early holiday season of December they hosted their 3rd annual Toys for Tots Charity Car Show. During the current hard times we are having today, and with the support of local car clubs, everyone was able to go through the grind of making this charity event happen during Christmas for the hundreds of kids who received donated toys. Some of the Holiday festive car clubs who got together to make this happen were Livin it Up, Latin Low, Obsession, Altered Images,Trivesos, and a whole lot of solo riders. You can depend on these types of charity events to continue and only get bigger and better, just like the smiles on the kids faces that were put there by lowriders in Atlanta!