Inglewood, California
In Southern California on New Year’s Day most people are either recovering from the night before, watching the Rose Parade, or attending the first lowrider event of the year: Majestics New Year’s Day Picnic. This year, the event was moved to the world-famous Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, California, because it had outgrown its previous venue.

The day started early and the areas that were reserved for the picnic filled up fast with clubs from Northern and Southern California, like Classic Lowriders, Groupe, Pride, Homies, New Crowd, Showtime, Individuals, Premier, as well as quite a few attendees from out of state. People in attendance were not only enjoying the great weather but a large number of quality rides. Every type of lowrider was represented, including traditionals, bombs, bicycles, and a large number of custom motorcycles. At midday, the infamous hopping contest got underway and fed the hopping enthusiast’s appetite for back bumper action. As the afternoon turned to evening the event wrapped up and everyone made their way home. The picnic was a great start to a new year and a new show season for all lowriders.