The weather in Southern California is, for the most part, pretty predictable. Throughout the year it’s sunny and pleasant with very few instances of rain or cold weather. On the eve and early morning of the much-anticipated Upland, California, car show, presented by Traffic Car Club, Mother Nature decided to rattle the nerves of the club and show attendees. Overnight some rain and wind appeared to threaten the show, but thankfully by the roll-in time the rain had moved on and the wind had calmed down into a nice fall breeze.

Show attendees from Northern and Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada lined the streets of downtown Upland. Elite, Style, Rollerz Only, Tradition, Pride, Latin Life, Together, Elusive, Classified, Los Angeles, Maniacos, Dukes, Antique Styles, Royals, and Brown Sensations were some of the many clubs who came out to show their best. Trino and “Cherry ’64” drove down from Northern California, Emil brought out the “Hustlin’ 1,” and Chuy from the Los Angeles Car Club had “The Game Don’t Last Forever” on display for the hundreds of spectators. The show had a little bit of everything, from full show to everyday rides, as well as an array of lowrider bikes and custom motorcycles.

With over 600 entries there’s no telling how big the show will be next year. You better believe we’ll be there to experience the show again, and so should you!