The San Diego Super Indoor Custom Car Show and Concert, held on Labor Day weekend, keeps getting bigger and better every year. Four hundred of SoCal’s best lowriders made the San Diego Convention Center’s indoor event the place to be.

Cars came from all over the map to join in on one of California’s only indoor shows. Trino made an eight-hour trip from San Jose, California, to bring his popular “Cherry 64,” which was well worth it since he took Best in Show, Best Undercarriage, and Best Paint. We’d like to extend big props to Trino for showing strong in San Diego.

Amigos Car Club busted out Casper’s Riviera, a legendary car from back in the day, and they also took a few aisles up with other entries as well. Brown Sensations, from Santa Barbara, California, showed strong, taking some awards back with them. Mister Cartoon displayed his ice cream truck for the first time at the show and took Best Murals and Best Display. Lifestyles Car Club took Best Club Participation with 31 entries and showed strong with Albert Gonzales’ “Two Face” and Tim Rodriguez’s ‘57 “Gold Digger” capping off their rows. Oldies had 30 entries from all over California as did the Amigos Car Club. The other clubs from the San Diego area that came out for this special event were: the Individuals, Crowd, Just 2 Low, Strait Game, Klique, New Wave, Majestics (all California and Arizona chapters), Brown Sensations, Viejitos, Groupe, Bombas, Traffic, Latin Life, Good Times, Uce, Artistics, Life in San Diego, Stylistics, and Aztlan.

The massive indoor show had cars, girls, and music, along with a family atmosphere, all put together with some hard work by Mario Lopez and Rob “Bird” Rice, as well as a handful of assistants and judges. The music was playing in the right mood too. Mack 10 performed some of his classic hits, including “Foe Life,” “Backyard Boogie,” and “Hoo-Bangin’.” The A/C was turned up to the right temperature, but if you were still hot and 21 years old or older, you could stop by the Budweiser beer garden and have yourself a cold one.

A big part of the success of this show is the support from the sponsors: the U.S. Army, Sprint, and Budweiser. This show has a great atmosphere to it and it seemed to be more successful than last year because of the quality of the vehicles and the attendance of the loyal fans.

During the show we caught up with Bird who said, “I can’t say enough about the support we get for this show year after year, and it’s all the participants who make this a true super show in many people’s minds. It’s nice to walk the floor and see the different clubs and individuals who come together to keep the lowrider movement going.” Next year’s show will be even more successful than this year’s event because of the commitments of the show promoters and the loyal lowrider fans.