Rowland Heights, CaliforniaEvery year lowriders look forward to Fourth of July holiday picnics at the park in the L.A. area. The Individuals Car Club was ready for everyone to join in on their annual Fourth of July picnic, only this year they moved the event from the beach where it was previously held to a new location: the Schabarum Regional Park in Rowland Heights, California.

Unfortunately the park wasn’t big enough to hold all the lowriders who showed up hopping, scraping, and cruising over to the smell of the fire pits. The park officials had to close the entrance once the parking areas became full, so many of the people weren’t able to enter.

This event always welcomes a large crowd, which makes it sell out quickly. The people who did show up early had a chance to check out the rides and enjoy the barbecue festivities. Everyone who was able to attend enjoyed celebrating the Fourth all day long at the park.