A major part of the lowrider culture is fund-raising. Numerous clubs produce annual events in conjunction with an organization that’s trying to raise funds. For example, schools, hospitals, and cities have all benefited from partnering with a club and producing a car show. Not only is it a positive experience for the organization, but it presents a positive image for the lowriding culture that some people in today’s society view negatively.

The City of Hawaiian Gardens, in association with the Imperials Car Club, presented their eighth annual benefit car show in July, held at Fedde Junior High School. As with previous years, the proceeds from the show will benefit the Hawaiian Garden’s youth athletic leagues.

There was plenty of space for the 1,100-plus entries who showed up bright and early to find the perfect spot. The entertainment and vendors were placed right in the middle of the show so that everyone was able to grab a cold drink or a hat to keep cool during the hot and humid summer day. One of the day’s highlights was the raffle of a restored ’64 Chevy Impala. Unfortunately, the lucky winner was not present, but a phone call was made and he drove down to pick up his new ride.

The Imperials had a large area set up with their cars on display. Lowriding legend Gypsy Rose was on display and was surrounded all day with people trying to get a glimpse of the famous lowrider. Clubs like Elite, Premier, Traffic, Amigos, and Rollerz Only, were also on display. Show participants came from Northern California, San Diego, and even from Texas. Spectators streamed through the gates all day right up until the show ended.

The show is a must-attend for anyone who is a fan of lowriding. Congratulations to Imperials and the City of Hawaiian Gardens