San Diego, CaliforniaChicano Park was established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970. It has received both national and international acclaim as a major outdoor public art site, known for its powerful mural paintings depicting the past and present struggle of Mexican and Chicano history. The Chicano Park steering committee hosts special events all year long, but one of the most-anticipated days is the celebration of Chicano Park Day.

This year the event was held on Apr. 19, celebrating its 38th anniversary. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. The nice, warm day had a cool ocean breeze that filled the atmosphere as rows of lowrider cars, food vendors, art dealers, and spectators walked around enjoying everything that the park had to offer. As spectators walked the park they enjoyed the murals that decorated the pillars of the freeways, which crisscrossed over Chicano Park, and the smell of sweet cinnamon-covered Churros and Carne Asada that filled the air.

The adults enjoyed the car show scene of over 300 fully custom-built lowriders on display. It was no surprise that there were car clubs from all over the West Coast represented in full force. This event has been such a success that even car clubs from Mexicali, Tecate, and TJ showed up strong to enjoy a day of fun in the park. The kids also enjoyed running around the park while playing games and being entertained by the Ballet Folklrico dancers on stage. The most popular event that happened that day was the gathering of Aztec dancers who came from all over the world to join in the dance for the festivities. There were over 600 dancers moving to the beats of drums, flutes, and rattles.

The day came to an end with no problems in regards to respecting the park and the Chicano community. This event is one that needs to be personally experienced. If you missed Chicano Park Day this year, make sure you check it out next year and enjoy the festivities with fellow car club members.

Los Angeles Car Club Charity Event At Downey High SchoolLos Angeles Car Club hosted the first charity event ever held at Downey High School, and it was a huge success. Although they are known for building award-winning lowriders, they helped put together this car show to raise money to purchase the Downey football team some sporting equipment. With over 200 cars lined up as early as 6 a.m., a long line of show-quality lowriders came in full force and were anxious to be a part of the charity car show.

The Los Angeles car club would like to thank everyone who supported this charity event, which will enable next year’s show to be even bigger and more successful. If you missed this year’s event, keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you show up next year to help support a good cause.

The Highland Park ShowClassic Cars And Classic Scenery Make For Good TimesHighland Park, one of the oldest settled areas of Los Angeles, is also one of the most scenic areas because of its architecture and location between the Mt. Washington Hills, San Rafael, and Monterey Hills. From the ’50s to the early ’80s, Highland Park was a haven for lowrider and hot-rod builders. Shops lined Figueroa Street and York Boulevard, producing some of the classic builds from the ’70s all the way through today.

Figueroa Street is one of Highland Park’s primary thoroughfares. It is lined with both modern and historic buildings, so it’s the perfect setting for a car show. This past June, Good Times put on its annual Highland Park Show on Figueroa Street. The weather was perfect for the show with plenty of sunshine to accent the chrome and paint of the show’s many participants. Show attendees were treated to numerous displays of cars, trucks, and bikes, as well as vendors selling everything from cold drinks to toy cars. Good Times was surrounded by support from its many chapters and clubs, like Old Memories, Maniacos, Majestics, Imperials, and Uniques, as well as show entries from Arizona and other parts of Southern California. Plans are already underway for next year’s show, and you know we’ll be there again to support Good Times.