The 2008 Lowrider Magazine Tour event held at the National Orange Show Grounds in San Bernardino this past April was the only official California show on the schedule this year, and so we were greeted by an unbelievable lineup of fine lowriders. We were also blessed in that the weather was very comfortable for the entire weekend. The indoor/outdoor event sponsored by Phearless Records and UTI began like any other Tour show, except that there were almost 700 cars pre-registered for the show. For a minute, we thought that we were back at the Las Vegas Super Show. The large number of vehicles might be a new record for us, including Vegas.

There were several standout cars in the “lake area” just inside of the main entrance of the Show Grounds, including a number of rides belonging to Techniques Car Club. Also showing strong was Casuals C.C., which had a clean candy orange Olds Cutlass up on stands. Not too far away, Pharaohs C.C. chilled out underneath the shade of a canopy. Upon exiting the grassy section, you got to see Los Angeles C.C., which decided to roll deep and bring out all of its rides.

The best of the best were congregated indoors. Premier C.C. premiered a few new rides, including Mark Miller’s Chevy Caprice and Jose Barba’s ’65 Chevy Impala convertible. Elite C.C. had a few cars spinning on turntables, and Another Bad Creation C.C. broke out a clean ’85 Buick Regal that featured a custom pearl job and detailed craftsmanship. All the way from Vegas was Desirable Ones C.C. and the “Life After Death” ’64 Impala, while “Candy’s” bomb truck represented Goodtimes C.C., also from Vegas. The Tovars laid out their ’54 Chevy truck in true Tovar tradition with the rockers on the ground.

The second hall had Stylistics C.C. in the house, whose members were preparing for the Speed Channel’s Living The Low Life, which did a small segment on them at the show. Oldies C.C. had a strong presence in San Berdoo, as did Rollerz Only C.C. One independent rider that stood out was “Tha Hustlin’ 1,” a ’61 Impala convertible owned by loco local Emil Kincey.

There were also clubs representing outdoors. Jesse From Goodtimes C.C. broke out his ’65 Impala convertible, which is quickly becoming one of the future flagships for that young club. Another young club is Connected C.C, which rolled in from the Ventura/Oxnard area. That’s where we spotted Jimmy Luna’s ’64 Impala and its clean trunk setup. Also on hand was Aaron Hodgson’s “Lethal Injection” ‘57 Chevy Bel Air, which showed everyone why it’s a recent LRM Lowrider of the Month.

Another new club on the lowrider circuit is Maniacos C.C., which came in with a few new cars ranging from a classic ’63 Impala to a candy painted ’70 Impala. Old Memories C.C. had a strong lineup of classic bombs, and High Class C.C. showed a few custom cars, most of which were candy painted. Groupe C.C. was looking good with Art’s candy blue Cutlass, and Delegation C.C. from Fresno, California, showed us how they roll with their Cadillacs.

The “big three” were also on hand. Rollerz Only C.C. seemed to want to make a statement with several cars. Not to be outdone, Majestics C.C. brought out an army of cars with members trying to lock in Club of the Year status. Uce C.C. was also in the house and the Lowrider Hall of Fame committee tracked down club leader Kita to give him the news of his induction into the LHoF. We all can’t wait for that big party at the Long Beach Hilton.

Some of the entertainment at the show could be found on vendor’s row. “Mad Mike” of Pimp My Ride was signing autographs for the locals trying to break into the music industry. Gemini and MC Magic opened up the concert and really got the crowd going. The East Coast was in the house as Flo Rida performed some songs from his new album Mail On Sunday, including the hit “Low,” which had just been released days before the show. Once the concert was over, DJ Kid Jay began to spin music for the bikini contest, which closed the show with a bang.

As we mentioned, a lot of guys came out to play at the first and only official Lowrider Tour show of the year in California (there will be some sanctioned events). We’ll have to see what the outcome of the season will be as there are already several guys who are trying to qualify early for the grand finale in Las Vegas. Until then, we’ll catch you at the next show.

San Bernardino Winners
Best Car of Show
First-Orlando Ceballos , ’84 Cadillac
Second-Emil Kincey, ’61 Chevy Impala
Third-Manuel Arellano, ’81 Olds Cutlass

Best Traditional Lowrider
First-Mario Mercado, ’77 Cadillac
Second-Cleto Sanchez, ’61 Chevy Impala
Third-Jimmy Arvizu, ’66 Chevy Impala

Best Original ’69 & Below
First-Salvador Mendez, ’37 Cadillac
Second-Luis LuPercio, ’35 Chevy Master Deluxe
Third-Mitch Ramirez, ’65 Chevy Impala

Best Bomb
First-Mike Espinoza, ’39 Chevy Fleetmaster
Second-Jesse Berrera, ’39 Chevy Fleetmaster
Third-Cesar Rodriguez, ’48 Chevrolet Fleetline

Best Truck
First-Armando Gonzales, ’91 Chevy
Second-Guillermo Villagrana, S-10 Blazer
Third-Alfred Carr, ’46 Ford

Best Custom Compact
First-Gilbert Rios, ’88 Nissan Sentra
Second-Jason Mercado, ’97 Honda Civic
Third-Manny Ceja, ’58 Volkswagen

Best Bicycle
First-Isaiah Hopper
Second-Anthony Rodriguez
Third-Lianna Diesman

Best Trike
First-John Oldman
Second-Noah Gomez
Third-Anthony Mendez

Lowrider Excellence Award
Emil Kincey, ’61 Chevy Impala