If you know “Crazy George” and “Lobo,” the founders of Viejitos Car Club, you know that the club’s traditions are still alive and well when it comes to gatherings and family events. This year, the club held their 12th Annual Valentine’s Dance in Chino, California, an event that began way back in 1995. The Viejitos Valentine’s Dance was started as a way to bring together the club’s different chapters and for club members to celebrate with their significant other. The Dance is also a great way to get different car clubs together to party and socialize.

The doors opened at 8 p.m. and more than 200 Viejitos members poured in. Before long, there were more than 500 people enjoying the festivities, including members from Classified, Techniques, Solitos, Duke’s and Old Style Car Clubs, just to name a few. The ladies were wearing their favorite threads and the guys were all dressed to impress. The room was filled with red, white and pink decorations and a band playing oldies.

After dinner, the dancing got underway and the dance floor was soon full of moves like the Hustle, the Bump and the Bus Stop, but most of the people just liked to boogie down to their favorite songs and with their favorite person. At one point, there was a special solo dance for newlyweds Carlos and Monica.

As the night went on, the dance floor just kept getting busier and the drinking did not stop until midnight. After all, the night was still young. So if your Valentine’s Day was bonk, next time try to make it to the Viejitos Dance and dance the night away with your friends, family and loved one.