Los Magnificos C.C.DallasLos Magnificos C.C. Delivers A Good Ol’ Time At Their First Ever Show In “Big D.”

Los Magnificos Car Club has been putting on car shows in Texas for more than 20 years and has set numerous records and created many memorable moments. This past year, Los Magnificos took on the task of organizing and promoting two Texas shows-one in Dallas and the other in their hometown of Houston.

The Dallas show was the first ever for Los Magnificos in that city and it was a huge success, thanks to all of the people who supported the event by showing off their cars and inviting their friends. Thousands of people filled the halls to see top-notch cars from all over the Lone Star State. The crazy fans were also able to see top performers like Lil’ Flip and LL Cool J do their thing on stage

Los Magnificos C.C.HoustonLos Magnificos C.C. takes the Lone Star State by the horns with another Texas-sized show in “H-town.”

It wasn’t long after the Dallas show that the Los Magnificos C.C. crew began passing out flyers to promote their Houston event at the Reliant Center, one of the biggest annual car shows in Texas. Held each November, the Houston show never ceases to amaze us. This past year, more than 400 cars and thousands of fans were in the house to take it all in.

Some of the top lowriders in the land battled it out head to head to show everyone just who was the best in Texas. With cars coming in from all over Texas, there was something for everyone to enjoy, including some luxury lowriders, trucks, SUVs and, of course, lowrider bikes. Los Magnificos did it again, and the club would like to thank all of the staff and everyone who attended the show and they hope to see you all next year for the 25th annual Houston show.

Shorty’s HydraulicsDallas”Shorty” puts North Texas back on the custom map with his first annual show at Texas Stadium.

This past year, LRM was not available to make a Tour stop in Dallas, but “Shorty” Villareal of Shorty’s Hydraulics in Houston decided that he would step up and promote a one-of-a-kind show in Dallas with plenty of cash ($15,000 to be exact) and plenty of trophies to go around. With major support from local radio stations and plenty of word of mouth, Shorty’s show was a great success with more than 300 cars on display at Texas Stadium (in Irving, Texas) and thousands of people showing up to check out all of the fine low-lows, bikes and models.

Even though the Dallas weather was hot, there were plenty of things to see and the huge crowd managed to stay cool and enjoy the show. The big family event was a great success and we expect it to be even bigger this year with more cars, people and family-oriented entertainment. So, if you’re in Dallas, make sure that you keep your eyes and ears open to see when Shorty will be coming back to town and throwing another successful show.