Who ever said that lowriding’s dead in Hawaii? While on vacation, we were driving around the islands when we spotted these cars parked in front of a house in Honolulu. Of course, we did what most people should not do and that was turn back to see whose cars they were. It turned out that they were all flying Uce Car Club plaques. Uce Hawaii chapter president Joemar greeted us warmly. He was working on the cars for a local show that was being thrown to help out the local kids.

As with most Uce members, Joemar extended his hospitality and an invitation to go to the show. After getting lost on the way, we swallowed our pride and called for directions. The show was put together to raise money for school supplies for the new year. Elite, Timeless Classics and Supremacy car clubs came out to support the event. Everybody out there welcomed us like lowriders and not tourists, which was great. We felt like we were back home.

Lowriding on the Hawaiian islands was growing in the ’90s and the car and bicycle movement was huge there. After Lowrider Magazine stopped having our show out there, we had to rely on hearsay to know what was going on in the islands. Then the rumors started that nobody was doing it anymore; they’re all building Harleys is what we kept hearing. This trip put a lot of those rumors to rest and we can’t wait to head back to Hawaii to shoot some of these cars for well-deserved features in the magazine. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you out there soon. Aloha.