We hit the city of Odessa, Texas, to cover one of the most prestigious car shows to be held in the west side of the Lone Star State. Nick Hernandez and his Texas Tours Entertainment staff did a tremendous job getting everyone excited about the event. The mayor of Odessa even proclaimed November 20 as “Tejano Super Car Show Day.” The one-of-a-kind show didn’t just cater to the lowriders; there was something for everyone, from the Texas Death Match Car Hop championship to an art exhibit.

As we walked the show, we tried to capture some of the best cars that were brought out to the show. There were more than 550 entries and if that wasn’t enough, we had to maneuver around the 12,000 people who showed up at the event. As we hit the main indoor area of the Ector County Coliseum, we were greeted by tons of people who were gathered around the main stage getting ready to shake their stuff to the sound of Texas acts La Sombra and Holla, as well as the Whut It Dew Family. Finishing off the day was a trip down memory lane with some of Lil’ Rob’s music.

Throughout the day, we met people from all over the great state of Texas, along with members from car clubs from all over the Southwest. The show also included a bone marrow testing center where they tested you to see if you can be one of the few people who can help unfortunate children with a life-threatening disease.

After a few hours of walking the show we were treated to a Texas barbecue, with some of the best brisket that we’ve ever had. As the day went on, we hit the Hop Pit, where the best of the best master switch men and car hopper builders went head to head to get crowned as the king of the hop pit. Hi-Low Hydraulics took home the crown with “Cobra,” which stood on its tailgate in full stance, looking ready to strike anyone who dares confront it.

When the hop was over, we walked around the rest of the building and checked out what was new and what was hot. One of the most noticed vehicles was the Lowrider “Aztec” rig that was parked between the show buildings. At the end of the day, we took off with the anticipation of coming back the following year. We would like to thank Nick Hernandez and his crew at Texas Tours Entertainment for all of the love that they have shown us, and the people of Tejas for participating in one of the best shows that we’ve ever visited.